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Welcome to Blomkest Baptist Church.

In the heat of the Summer!

As we continue throught he summer of 2014, we have seen rain come in 4 inch per hour rates and the sun warming us to over 90 degrees! Fitting that we would be taking a journey through the book of Revelation!


After 19 years in the ministry I am finally embarking on a journey I have avoided for these many years! I will be posting these sermons on Youtube and can be found at "pastormarkbbc". I have my music director in charge of the taping so I know it will be done right!


Join us every Sunday morning at 10:30 am for our Worship time!

Join us each week as we celebrate the grace and mercy shown to us each and every day by God the Father and Jesus His Son!


BBC has a great combination of traditional and contemporary music which compliments our Bible-based message each Sunday morning! Join with us as we find the never-ending grace of God working in our lives every day!

Here at the BBC, we are planning a summer filled with devotion and praise.


The Apostles devoted time to prayer and fasting each day as they sought the Spirit's voice in the beginnings of the church. What better way to seek the Spirit's direction in the present age than devoting time to prayer and fasting each day as we jouney to the cross!


Join us today and follow us through our Facebook page at  or Twitter at pastormarkbbc@pastormark!


This coming year is filled with the promise of grace and peace at Blomkest Baptist Church! Won't you join us for this exciting year!?  




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united - adjective

: involving people or groups working together to achieve something

: made up of members who share the same purpose, interest, etc.


Therefore- we are united in cause and in belief! The same purpose and the same hope... That we bring glory to God through our actions and our attitudes~!


Experience in real-time the growth and blessing for the BBC through Facebook, and Twitter @ pastormark@BBC-Legacy as well as Youtube video!

Sunday Morning Schedule:

9:30 am - Sunday School

10:30 am - Worship

Blomkest Baptist Church

204 S Main St

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Phone: +1 320 995 6446

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